Syrian civil society reconvenes in Geneva

The UN Office of the Special Envoy for Syria reconvened the Syrian Civil Society Support Room (CSSR) at the Palais des Nations in Geneva on 23-25 January 2020. The participants stressed the need for transparency and inclusivity in the political process.

Published: 2020-02-14

The 31 participants based and operating inside and outside of Syria met with both UN Special Envoy Geir O. Pedersen and his deputy, Khawla Matar to discuss civil society engagement with the OSE and the political process as such.

In their meetings, the participants focused on the Constitutional Committee and on the CSSR mechanism. They also addressed the dramatic economic situation in Syria and called for progress in the political process. In her briefing to the Security Council, Deputy Special Envoy Matar conveyed that the CSSR participants “pressed on humanitarian, socio-economic and political concerns, and stressed the need for maximum transparency and inclusivity in the political process”, adding that the Office of the Special Envoy “…will continue for our part as the United Nations to consult widely and build bridges wherever we can.”

Since January 2016, NOREF and swisspeace have been implementing partners of the United Nations Office of the Special Envoy for Syria (OSE) to facilitate the participation of civil society into the UN-facilitated peace process in Geneva through the Civil Society Support Room (CSSR). More about CSSR here.