Regional Women Mediators Network meeting: The Chair’s statement

On 21-23 March, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, PRIO and NOREF hosted a meeting of representatives from various regional networks of women mediators, including FemWise-Africa, the Mediterranean Women Mediators Network and the Nordic Women Mediators. The meeting, also attended by representatives from the UN and other key multilateral organisations, sought to discuss opportunities for the possible establishment of a wider alliance of regional women mediator networks. As a follow-up to the event, The Chair's statement is now available.

Published: 2018-04-17

The participants agreed to continue consolidating their respective networks, while seeking synergies between the networks and taking a first step towards the possible establishment of an alliance of Regional Women Mediators Networks. Read more about the outcomes of the meeting here:



Watch the full public event here:

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Photo: Brian Cliff Olguin