NOREF’s Board appoints Director Dag Nylander for second term

NOREF's Board extends Dag Nylander's term as Director of NOREF for four more years. "We are very pleased to announce that Director Dag Nylander has enthusiastically accepted a new term," says Chairman of the Board Kim Traavik.

Published: 2024-06-21

"It is a demanding time for those working with peace. The need for conflict diplomacy has been increasing, while the space has been shrinking. Experience, strategic engagement and continuity will be especially important in the time to come. This is something that we get with Dag Nylander in the lead”, says Traavik. "NOREF is full of talented and committed people. On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank Dag and all NOREF's employees for their great efforts”. Nylander was appointed Director in November 2020, his new term commences at 1 November 2024.

Photo: Mats Bakken