A joint effort for Mosul

What is needed to make Mosul safe and stable following the awaited liberation from Daesh (IS)? Seeking answers to this difficult question, a group of influential leaders from the province of Ninevah have come together to form the Ninevah National Association (NNA).

Published: 2017-06-27

Its members come from across the province’s religious, ethnic and tribal communities. They represent local authorities, opposition groups, members of Parliament and civil society. Across their differences, they have now agreed to cooperate to contribute to ensuring stability in Mosul. The NNA seeks to function as a bridge between the people and the local and central authorities, in addition to being a point of contact with the international community. The Association’s main task is to give advice and to help find solutions to the ongoing humanitarian crisis. With NOREF’s facilitation, this broad and self-recruiting group has now established a platform for its common efforts.

“Earlier this year NOREF was approached by contacts from Mosul. They were deeply concerned about the future of the province after liberation from Daesh”, says NOREF’s project leader, senior adviser Frida Nome. “We were asked to help convene a broad group of local actors that could advise on stabilisation measures in order to improve the situation for internally displaced persons and prevent any future relapse into violent conflict and radicalisation. The successful formation of this group is a small but significant step in the right direction”, says Nome.

In the coming weeks the NNA will focus on reaching out to all relevant actors, including local communities, provincial and national authorities, and international organisations. The members of the group will use the strength that derives from their broad representation to give advice and to advocate for support and cooperation for the sake of Mosul’s hard-pressed population.

Members of the Ninevah National Association NOREF/Gjermund Granlund