Selected media: Dag Nylander

Photo: Mats Bakken

NOREF's Director Dag Nylander has unique experience from mediation, diplomacy, and peace and reconciliation work. He regularly shares from his experience, and about the creativity and methodology needed, in interviews and writings. Some of the resources are listed below. 

Listen: Diplomacy in Action: Lessons from the Columbian Peace Process (28.11.2023)
Dag Nylander visits the podcast Conflict, Power & Persuation, a podcast by the Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiation.
Dag Nylander- Diplomacy in Action: Lessons from the Columbian Peace Process - Conflict, Power & Persuasion (

Listen: (in Norwegian): Hemmeleg fredsmekling i villmarka (09.11.2023)
Dag Nylander besøker Kompass.

Listen: (in Norwegian): Korleis forhandla om fred? (07.11.2023)
Dag Nylander besøker Kompass.

Read: (in Norwegian): Hvordan tar vi farvel med våpnene (21.07.2023) 
Intervju med blant andre NOREFs direktør Dag Nylander om hvordan kriger slutter.

Read: Dag Nylander's book (in Norwegian): Ut av jungelen. Om fredsprosessen i Colombia (Spartacus, 2023)
Ut av jungelen - ISBN 9788243014862 - Spartacus Forlag

Watch: Conversation on World Order with Dag Nylander (27.04.2022)
Centre for International Law Research and Policy (CILRAP) invited NOREF’s Director Dag Nylander to their Conversation on World Order. The interview provides a rare insight into knowledge and experience that only sits with a handful of individuals with substantial, practical experience from peace facilitation and mediation of international conflict. In the conversation, Nylander reflects on both the intricacy of specific legal concepts on the one hand, and the importance of the logistics and the nitty gritty details on the other. And not least on what he highlights as the most rewarding part of his work, working with victims of conflict.

Listen: (in Spanish) Las entrevistas de Aimar: Dag Nylander, mediador internacional (18.04.2022)
¿Cómo trabaja un mediador internacional? Todas las claves, contadas por uno de los más prestigiosos del mundo en Hora 25
Aimar Bretos entrevista al director del Centro Noruego de Resolución de Conflictos

Listen: The Mediator’s Studio: Dag Nylander on Salmon Diplomacy (14.07.2020)
Dag Nylander gives an insider’s account of how the 2016 peace agreement was reached between the Colombian government and the FARC. Norwegian peace facilitator, Dag Nylander, recounts how he smuggled salmon into Havana where negotiations brought to an end one of South America’s longest running civil wars. He describes how, during an early morning helicopter mission, a chance encounter with a young guerrilla influenced the peace agenda in Colombia. And he outlines the essence of Norwegian-style diplomacy, laying out how the dynamics of peace processes change over time, making the impossible achievable.

The Mediator's Studio is an Oslo Forum podcast, created by the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

ReadDesigning peace: the Colombian peace process ( (NOREF-publication from 2018 co-written with Rita Sandberg and Idun Tvedt)

ReadTowards an inclusive peace: women and the gender approach in the Colombian peace process ( (NOREF-publication from 2018 co-written with Hilde Salvesen)