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Florence Mandelik

Head of Thematic Programme

Florence Mandelik is Head of Thematic Programme at NOREF, which she joined in 2012. She has been extensively involved in NOREF’s work as a mediation support actor and particularly engaged in its Track II dialogues, focusing on the Middle East and North Africa region. Since 2016 she has been responsible for NOREF’s process support to the Civil Society Support Room for Syrian civil society actors under the auspices of the United Nations Office of the Special Envoy to Syria. Prior to joining NOREF she worked in education and evaluation for both public and private sector organisations. She is the co-author of learning tools published by Aschehoug. She holds an MA in English studies and an MSc in Didactics and IT from the Lyon Lumière University. Florence is also a member of the Nordic Women Mediators-Norway.