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Kai Eide

Special Adviser

Kai Eide is a former Norwegian diplomat and politician. During 40 years in Norway’s Foreign Service he served as ambassador to the OSCE, NATO and Sweden. He served as UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General to Afghanistan and to Bosnia-Herzegovina. He was also UN Envoy to Kosovo and, as such, was behind the report to the UN Security Council in 2005 recommending negotiations on Kosovo’s future status. He continues to follow Serbia-Kosovo relations closely. He served as state secretary in charge of foreign and security policies in the Norwegian Prime Minister’s Office, and he is currently working as a speaker and writer on international affairs. He has unique experience of world affairs, garnered from his involvement with all phases of recent and not-so-recent security challenges stretching from the early negotiations of the cold war period onwards. Among his many publications are two books; Power Struggle over Afghanistan and One Thousand Days: Memories from the Balkan Wars, the latter co-authored with former Norwegian foreign minister Thorvald Stoltenberg. He joined NOREF as an associate in 2019.